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Jewelry Repairs

KARKALIS offers you the opportunity to repair your jewelery. Our full experience in gold and silver jewelery, as well as the experience of our lab technicians, will provide you with the desired effect on your jewelery.

You can trust our jewelers wherever you want:

change in size (ring, necklace, bracelet)
repair for damage or damage
glaze / platinum
Details are as follows:

 Gold Jewelry K18 - Silver Jewelry (Pink, White, Chryssa)

Jewelry that only needs cleaning, glaze and platinum is the price of 4 €.

Gold jewelery K18 from 3-5gr

Jewelry that needs gluing, brightening, glaze and platinum, the price is 10 €.

Jewelry that requires gluing and bending their price is € 6 (for example, ring milling, brazing and sticking of broken chains, etc.). This value also applies to gold for silver jewelery.

Jewelry requiring growth and addition of metal added, their price is set at 3 € for each number (eg ringing from number 50 to number 55 the price will be 5 numbers x 3 € each = 15 €) .

Gold jewelry K18 heavier than 5gr

Jewelry that needs to grow and thus add metal, such as gold rings, or € 4 for each number. (eg from number 52 to number 56, the price will be 4-day x 4 € each = 16 €)

Gold and silver jewelery requiring other work (eg hollow, enamel, stone, leather and buttoning, etc.) costs the extra cost and depends on the jewelry. Once the price has been agreed, the repair of the jewelery begins.

It is emphasized that the heavier or larger the jewel is formed and the price accordingly.

Finally, jewelery is clarified, which needs repair due to faulty manufacture, our company will repair you for free. Also, gold jewelry, which are accompanied only with the guarantee of our company are not charged, the only charge is the courier costs, which burden our client. Prior to shipment, our customer must contact us by phone or send an email to inform us about the jewelry code. In all other cases, the above charges apply.

Jewelry that has not been purchased by our company is strictly forbidden only if the customer comes to our store and handles it to us, and in no other case.